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Colleges & universities

Student dining begins with insight and understanding the needs and wants of the students. This calls for a creative healthy menu that will entice and increase loyalty with your students.

Jenmax Foods will help add that element of surprise to your menu with our creative food options. Let us be your go to for those option ideas.


When your clients’ plates are not so full, they turn to available sources, they turn to you. Your challenge: budget vs the number of clients that need assistance.  So, why not let our experienced staff help?

We offer a wide array of food items for every type of feeding program, that are far below normal wholesale prices.  And did we mention, our customers’ success is our ultimate purpose.


The correctional market has evolved over the years and nutritional guidelines have changed.  Each facility has its challenges. And of course, there's the budget.  How do I meet those strenuous guidelines and make my meals appealing to the inmates?  We have the solution, You can turn to our reputable company, we have solutions for you. We are experts in knowing what works and what won't.  We can offer new and creative ideas that stay within your menu guidelines.  And of course "your budget".


Healthcare starts at the table. With our ever-growing senior population, sometimes you just need a little help figuring out what's available out there for your meal programs.

We have been helping customers just like you for years, why not bring in a little backup? Give us a call so we can help you achieve your food service goals, without compromising your budget!


With over 25 years in food sales and procurement experience, Jenmax specializes in fulfilling the nutritional needs of large and small feeding programs throughout the USA.  If you need a leg up on food purchases, we offer a large selection of dry and frozen food items from soup to nuts in Retail and Foodservice pack.​ We hope that you Contact Us so we can provide you with the best solutions.


With the ever-changing dietary needs of school programs. Where do you go for help and innovative ideas to meet those challenges? You turn to the professionals at Jenmax Foods that can help!  Let's take on those challenges together and turn them into solutions.

If smart snacks, reduced sodium and whole grain rich items are on your menu, then you have come to the right place.

business & industries

The traditional workplace has refocused its efforts to accommodate its employees by offering them dining options at the workplace. Corporate centers are expanding their food service options with innovative cafeterias.  So, the goal, how can I offer creative menu items that are affordable? Jenmax Foods has decades of experience working with food service professionals across the country.  We pride ourselves on being innovative, creative and just plain old fashioned hard workers. Let us take your menu to the next level!

We provide innovative food options for every budget